About Us

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VapeandPods is for vape enthusiasts determined to inspire curious minds and empower newcomers to seasoned e-cigarette users. Our team consists of former e-cig industry experts, amateur chemists, DIY Engineers, Gadget Fanatics and Former Smokers. If you are new to vaping or would like information on what to buy, how it works and more, we have the best resources for you. Whether your goal is to quit smoking cigarettes or just looking for a fun new hobby that will give you an awesome taste sensation, vaping might be perfect for you! Check out our blog posts on everything from safety tips to the latest gear releases. We've got all of the information that you need in one place so come join us on this journey as we explore this amazing world of vaping together!

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Vape Flavours

When purchasing vape juice for yourself or others it is a good idea if you vape liquids comes with different nicotine levels, and/or flavors. When you vape new vape juices of different flavors and vape juice strength it's important to not vape too much at the same time. There are plenty of vape flavors on sale, and vape juices with less than 20mg of nicotine can be legally sold in most countries. You should also make sure that the vape juice is compatible with your specific vape device.

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When it comes to vaping CBD oil vaping is one of the most popular ways to do it, but which strength should you choose. You can now buy several strengths of vape CBD oil, and vape juices with higher concentrations of CBD are popular for vape beginners. If you vape CBD vape juice often but don't want to vape too much it's important to choose vape juices with high concentrations of CBD. Understanding the specific effects that different vape liquids have is essential before you pick your first vape flavors, so vape reviews are highly recommended, vape flavor descriptions on the vape juice bottles are also really helpful.