Can you buy CBD oil on Amazon

October 22, 2021

The CBD oil business is one of the fastest-growing in North America, so it should be no surprise that a slew of Amazon eCommerce merchants is hoping to capitalize on the trend.

However, before you make a purchase, you should be aware of what you’re getting, whether it’s a legitimate product, and whether or not you’re doing so legally.

Is CBD Oil Available on Amazon?

In 2018, there were 101 million registered Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States, and with each one spending an average of $1400 on the site each year, that’s a huge market.

Because of this large and devoted following, many suppliers are attempting to circumvent Amazon’s stringent selling policies, which include the following clause:

There must be no drug listings for controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as:

Cannabidiol (CBD)-containing products, including but not limited to:

  • Hemp oil that is high in cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Cannabidiol-rich full-spectrum hemp oil (CBD)

So, as long as you purchase from a reputable Amazon seller, you won’t be able to acquire CBD oil. It remains to be seen whether or not Amazon will allow the sale of CBD products. Still, as of the publication of this article (June 2019), there should be no products for sale containing any amount of cannabidiol (CBD).

Nonetheless, a search for ‘CBD oil’ yields thousands of results, most of which are for hemp oils and other hemp-derived products.

Because the distinctions between CBD oil and hemp oil are largely unknown to most people, some may believe that the convenience of expedited shipping outweighs the risks of purchasing a low-quality or misleading product.

Here’s everything you need to know about purchasing hemp oil on Amazon.

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

As with any new industry, the language has yet to be adopted by all producers and consumers. Having said that, there are some significant differences between hemp oil and CBD oil.

CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from hemp plant flowers. CBD oil comes in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate forms. A full-spectrum CBD oil contains all of the cannabinoids found in hemp, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); a broad spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids except THC; and a CBD oil isolate contains only cannabidiol, usually in crystal or powder form, with no other cannabinoids or compounds found naturally in hemp.

Hemp oil is made by cold-pressing hemp stems, stalks, and seeds. Cold pressing hemp seeds produce hemp seed oil. Unlike CBD oil, no flowers are used in manufacturing, resulting in a cannabinoid-free finished product. On the other hand, Hemp oil is utilized for its own therapeutic properties, such as its perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids, which benefits hair, skin, and heart health.

Amazon’s Hemp and CBD Oil Policy

Hemp oil and CBD oil are clearly distinct products. So, why is there so much ambiguity when it comes to purchasing CBD oil and hemp oil on Amazon?

Everything boils down to Amazon’s selling rules. Amazon follows the DEA rules, which say that any CBD product that has not been FDA authorized is classified as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance. Aside from the prescription medication Epidiolex, no CBD product has received this certification. Because of this, Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD oils on its website.

To circumvent Amazon’s restriction, some merchants label their CBD oil as “hemp oil,” omitting the usage of words like CBD and cannabinoids. While Amazon claims to be doing everything necessary to remove these listings, it may be almost difficult to keep up with the flood of CBD manufacturers looking to make a fast profit on the world’s biggest marketplace.

If a CBD oil seller is prepared to lie to circumvent Amazon’s selling rules, what else are they willing to lie about? For the time being, it is best to purchase your CBD oil products elsewhere.

However, if you are looking for hemp oil that does not include CBD, Amazon may be a good place to start your search. Before you buy hemp oil, there are a few things you should think about.

Examine the Ingredients

Attempting to circumvent Amazon’s policies is one thing; deliberately deceiving prospective consumers is quite another. It is risky to misrepresent CBD oil. Someone hoping for a mild-flavored hemp cooking oil may be disappointed to get a product rich in cannabinoids!

This is why it’s critical to examine the ingredients on any hemp product you’re thinking about purchasing, when it comes to hemp oils, the fewer, the better.

The components should be mentioned in the product description or a product picture. Contact the vendor if you can’t locate the ingredients. You can simply separate the genuine vendors from those that aren’t looking out for the consumer’s best interests by studying precisely what is in your hemp product.

Investigate the Seller and the Product

Check the internet to discover if your hemp product can be found elsewhere. If the company has its own website, you may look at their procedures, such as how they get their hemp, the CBD and THC levels, and the Certificates of Analysis, which are lab tests done on cannabis products to verify potency and safety.

Reputable companies would most likely obtain their hemp organically, and a third-party lab will test all extractions to guarantee purity. You can find out what’s in your hemp and CBD products by checking at Certificates of Analysis.

When purchasing hemp oils on Amazon, requesting these lab tests will show if the product contains hazardous herbicides, heavy metals, or insecticides. If you can’t discover this information via an internet search, contact the seller. You must know this information before making a purchase. It’s better to move on if a vendor can’t adequately respond to your questions.

Examine the Amazon Customer Reviews and Questions

If you’re not convinced about a product, go through the Amazon reviews and queries.

Reading the reviews will help you narrow down what others are using the hemp oil for and give you a decent idea of whether it is a genuine product and/or vendor. Depending on the hemp oil manufacturer, certain products may be more suited for treating specific illnesses than others.

The ‘Customer questions and answers section on Amazon listings may also be a helpful resource for you. You may locate the information you’re looking for by searching the questions and answers by keyword. If nothing comes up, you may ask your own question and usually anticipate a response within a day or two. Just keep in mind to take the responses you get with a grain of salt. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding around CBD, hemp, and cannabis in general, which means that even the most well-intentioned answer givers may be inadvertently deceiving you.

Understand the Laws in Your State

You must understand what is and is not legal in your state before purchasing any goods. While hemp and CBD oil with 0.3 percent or less THC are allowed federal, states have the ultimate word.

Even if CBD oil is completely legal in your state, you won’t be able to purchase it on Amazon. Again, Amazon’s selling rules prohibit the sale of CBD due to its ambiguous legal status in the United States. Hemp oil with no CBD, on the other hand, is perfectly legal to buy.

The Legality of CBD Oil in Canada

If you search for ‘CBD oil Amazon,’ you will receive hundreds of hits. As a result, one would think that finding Amazon CBD oil is a simple job. It isn’t as easy as you think because of a lack of legislation and Amazon’s assassination. In reality, most of what you think is cannabidiol on the corporate behemoth’s website isn’t.

Confused? We are unsurprised. There seems to be a deliberate attempt to make the CBD business as complicated as possible. Epidiolex, a CBD-containing Big Pharma medication, has been authorized by the FDA. It is still the only CBD product that the FDA has authorized. Individual governments have the authority to legalize or regulate the chemical as they see appropriate.

Consequently, almost anybody may put material in a container and label it with the term “CBD.” This was always going to be an issue in a multibillion-dollar business. The ability of merchants to sell on Amazon exacerbates the problem. Every year, the e-commerce giant earns more than $232 billion in sales.

Given its proclivity to spread its tentacles everywhere, it’s simple to see why individuals believe they may discover cannabidiol there. However, purchasing CBD oil on Amazon will be more difficult than expected.

Is Amazon CBD Oil Available for Purchase?

The answer is sort of.’ When you browse through the CBD search results, you come across something amazing. The goods’ descriptions do not include the terms ‘CBD’ or ‘cannabidiol.’ Instead, these are ‘hemp’ products with ‘hemp extract’ as an ingredient. Some of these items include CBD, while others do not.

The selling of CBD products is expressly prohibited under Amazon’s terms and conditions. Its ‘drugs & drug paraphernalia’ website makes this plain. According to the business, if you sell on Amazon:

“All federal, state and local laws must be followed.”

Although hemp is no longer a prohibited drug, CBD produced from it is not legally allowed. CBD, like THC, remains on Schedule I. Amazon will go to any length to preserve its profit line. As a consequence, it has no desire even to risk a confrontation with the federal government. The business currently offers a huge variety of products; it doesn’t need to go on the CBD bandwagon.

Its list of banned goods states unequivocally that the site does not offer anything containing restricted drugs. As a result, merchants cannot put the word “CBD” on their products. A sneaky method to get around the restriction is to use a different label.

Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Available on Amazon?

When searching for CBD oil on Amazon, seek for companies that offer ‘hemp extract.’ In this instance, the more CBD in the product, the greater the hemp extract mg. However, this is only true when dealing with a recognized brand. Examine the supplement information label on each bottle. Remember that if a product on Amazon claims it includes hemp oil but does not specify ‘mg,’ it most likely does not contain CBD.

Something with CBD in it will say full-spectrum Hemp Extract – 11.4mg (per serving). You have no idea how much of that 11.4mg is cannabidiol. There is no way to tell unless you contact the vendor directly and request lab results.

You will also discover that CBD Amazon does not sell ‘full-spectrum CBD oil. This kind of product includes various cannabinoids (other than CBD and THC), flavonoids, and terpenes. What is often marketed is ‘broad-spectrum’ oil. This product includes a variety of cannabinoids but no THC.

One last piece of advice is to consider the bottle’s size. The bulk of CBD oil comes in 1oz or 2oz vials. They also come with a convenient ‘dropper’ to help you administer the chemical more precisely. Hemp seed oil is often sold in 4oz or larger quantities. If you see a 64oz bottle, that is NOT cannabidiol!

We would also recommend keeping an eye on the pricing. An average 1oz bottle of CBD containing approximately 1,000mg costs more than $100. Cannabidiol extraction is a costly procedure. You won’t be able to get 1oz bottles of it for $14!

The Mysterious Hemp Extract – Is Hemp Oil the Same as CBD Oil?

There is a heated dispute between CBD oil and hemp oil. CBD oil is available on Amazon, but hemp-based goods are a different story. Consumers are often taken off guard here. Several high-quality CBD companies describe their goods as ‘hemp extract.’ It’s also not misleading advertising! Hemp extract is used to make CBD oil. Other names that are frequently used include ‘hemp oil’ and ‘hemp oil extract.’

Again, since CBD is derived from industrial hemp, these products are unlikely to deceive anybody. It has become an even more important word after the Farm Bill was signed into law in December 2018. It can now cultivate industrial hemp as long as it contains no more than 0.3 percent THC.

The problem is that CBD is not present in all hemp oil products. Cannabidiol, the most common non-intoxicating component in marijuana, is the most prevalent non-intoxicating molecule. It may also be found in high quantities in hemp. The plant’s leaves and blossoms have the greatest amounts of CBD. The stems contain just a trace quantity. Companies now use supercritical CO2 extraction to extract CBD from all sections of the plant.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, is made by pressing the seeds of hemp plants. On occasion, it may be branded as ‘hemp seed oil.’ Hemp seeds are very healthy and should be considered as a snack. They do, however, contain almost no CBD. As a result, if you find a product branded ‘hemp oil,’ it isn’t the best choice for CBD.

What Is the Purpose of Amazon’s Hemp Oil Sales?

Although Amazon does not specifically offer CBD oil, it is a money-making engine. Hemp seed oil is a popular product. Hemp seed oil is a complete protein that is high in essential amino acids. Many Amazon consumers are actively looking for hemp seed oil advantages. One of the most frequent use is as a cooking oil. Could you use it instead of vegetable or olive oil?

The major disadvantage is the cost. Hemp seed oil may cost more than $16 for 24 fluid ounces! It has the optimal Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio of 3:1. It also contains a lot of chlorophyll and antioxidants. However, if you use it often when cooking, your financial account may suffer!

How to Purchase CBD Oil on Amazon

Sellers of ‘CBD’ on Amazon utilize ambiguous wording to get their goods listed. They claim that their products include hemp seed oil or hemp. As a result, it is difficult for genuine CBD businesses to stand out on Amazon. As a consequence, they don’t waste time or money attempting to do so. This issue causes issues for customers who purchase CBD oil on Amazon.

Customer evaluations are the primary reason why so many items appear when searching for Amazon CBD oil. The reviewers discuss the item’s CBD. With so many reviews, it’s only inevitable that a large number of goods appear. Because of Amazon’s limitations, individuals are including descriptive terms that may or may not relate to the goods in issue.

Other companies are astute enough to add the phrase “Zero THC” in their product descriptions. It misleads customers into believing it is a CBD product with no THC. In fact, it is often a hemp seed product that is devoid of psychoactive ingredients. When searching for CBD on Amazon, it is tough to distinguish between genuine and bogus cannabidiol products. Requesting third-party lab results from each brand is one approach.

If you go this approach, you will be able to identify the cannabis content of the product. It is usually expressed in milligrams per gram. As a consequence, you’ll need to get out your calculator! The finest CBD oil for pain on Amazon often has a high concentration of cannabinoids. The combination of chemicals may assist you in overcoming the ‘entourage effect.’

Other CBD Products Available on Amazon

Aside from CBD oil, various forms of the cannabinoid may be purchased on Amazon. If you opt to purchase CBD candies or CBD cream on Amazon, you will face the same issues. None of the vendors are permitted to explicitly promote that their goods contain cannabidiol—those who do soon realize how effective the global juggernaut is.

Whether you buy CBD lotion or CBD pills on Amazon, research is essential! Make careful to investigate the brand(s) in question. Look for customer testimonials, the company’s official website, and any social media presence.

Last Thoughts on Purchasing CBD Oil from Amazon

In a strict sense, Amazon does not sell CBD oil, at least not officially. Sellers of such goods skirt the terms of service by using “hemp” as the main descriptive keyword. It guarantees that purchasing CBD oil on Amazon is a nightmare. While the site has genuine, high-quality cannabidiol items, there are no assurances.

To discover more about high-quality CBD products, we suggest exploring our website. The overwhelming majority of the industry’s most successful businesses avoid Amazon. They prefer to sell via their official website, where you can get detailed information on each CBD product.

If you enter “CBD oil” into the Amazon search box, you will get a lengthy list of search results for “hemp oils.” Many promises to offer numerous health advantages associated with CBD, such as pain reduction, anxiety alleviation, inflammation treatment, and more.

On the other hand, CBD is not permitted to be sold on Amazon due to the site’s seller rules. So, what’s the deal? Is the CBD in these hemp oils the same as the CBD in CBD?

They aren’t in the majority of instances. While some CBD oil businesses may rebrand their CBD oils as “hemp oils” to sell them on Amazon, they legally break Amazon seller rules. Worse, as a customer, it’s difficult to tell if the “hemp oil” you’re buying on Amazon is genuine CBD oil rebranded as “hemp oil” or plain old hemp seed oil with very no CBD.

As you can see, purchasing CBD on Amazon is more difficult than you would expect. We’ll go through Amazon’s rules on CBD goods in detail below, as well as how to tell whether you’re purchasing genuine CBD oil on Amazon or other websites.

Is CBD available on Amazon?

No. Technically, you can’t purchase CBD on Amazon since you can’t sell it. Amazon specifically prohibits the sale of any CBD-containing products under the “Drugs & drug paraphernalia” section of their seller policies: “Drug listings must not be for controlled substances or products containing controlled substances, such as Products containing cannabidiol (CBD), a Schedule I Controlled Substance, including but not limited to:

Rich Hemp Oil containing cannabidiol (CBD) Products recognized by LegitScript as having CBD.”

It’s thus unexpected to enter “CBD oil” into the Amazon search box and be greeted with a selection of items that resemble CBD but are labeled “hemp oil”:

Is the CBD oil in these goods a forgery? Maybe. However, it is much more probable that they are hemp oil, which has very little CBD, although beneficial as a nutritional supplement.

What Is the Distinction Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

The hemp plant is used in a variety of commercial goods, including CBD oil. Hemp is used in a variety of products, including paper, clothing, and construction materials. Because hemp has so many economic uses, many hemp products are offered (or are permitted to be sold) on Amazon.

One of these items is hemp seed oil (also known as hemp oil). Many people confuse the two because hemp seed oil and CBD oil are both derived from the hemp plant. However, they originate from distinct sections of the hemp plant, and one has much more CBD than the other.

Hemp seed oil, as the name suggests, is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. Because hemp seeds are high in protein and nutrients, they are often found in health food shops as an ingredient in hemp milk, crushed into protein powder, or pressed into hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil includes essential fatty acids, making it a heart-healthy dietary supplement and a natural skin moisturizer.

While hemp seed oil is healthy for your heart and skin, it lacks the specific benefits of CBD oil, such as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Unfortunately, this does not deter some Amazon hemp seed oil merchants from claiming that their product may cure anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, and other ailments.

To get the advantages of CBD, you must use CBD oil rather than hemp oil. CBD oil, unlike hemp oil, is derived from the whole hemp plant, but especially from the flower and buds. CBD levels in these parts of the plant are considerably greater than in the seeds.

How to Purchase CBD Oil on Amazon

When you see hemp oil on Amazon, it’s impossible to tell if you’re getting hemp seed oil or CBD disguised as “hemp oil.”

It is feasible to purchase CBD oil on Amazon, but you must know precisely what to search for. We’ve included a list of suggestions for purchasing CBD oil on Amazon below.

1. Look for the words “hemp extract” on the label.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants using carbon dioxide or another solvent, such as olive oil, then evaporated. CBD businesses will often refer to their CBD oil as a “hemp extract” since that is exactly what it is.

Fortunately, since the product is branded “hemp extract” rather than “CBD oil,” they may be able to sell it on Amazon without being prohibited. However, much as CBD oil businesses disguise their goods as “hemp extract” to avoid Amazon’s scrutiny, companies selling basic hemp seed oil will label it “hemp extract” to lead customers astray and lead them to think it is CBD oil.

In other words, just because it says “hemp extract” doesn’t imply the product is made from hemp. It is not an assurance that it originated from flowers and buds or genuine CBD oil.

Even so, reading the terms “hemp extract” on the label and in the ingredients on the back is a helpful first step in confirming that the product is CBD oil. However, if the words “hemp seed” appear anywhere, you’re looking at hemp seed oil, not CBD oil.

2. Examine the milligram count.

The hemp extract should also be stated in milligrams, corresponding to the quantity of CBD included in the container. The milligrams should be included on the front label as well as on the back under ingredients.

If the product has no mention of hemp extract or CBD milligrams, it is most likely hemp seed oil rather than CBD. To utilize CBD oil, you must first determine the proper dosage of how many milligrams it contains.

Because hemp seed oil is a nutritional supplement, the quantity of milligrams is unimportant. Therefore it is not highlighted on the product package.

3. Examine the bottle’s dimensions.

CBD oil is a concentrated form of CBD packaged in a tiny container (usually 1 to 2 ounces). Typically, this container will have a dropper to allow you to measure out a particular dosage quickly. CBD oil bottles resemble essential oil bottles.

On the other hand, Hemp seed oil comes in bigger bottles, similar to olive oil and other dietary supplements. The bottle may hold 4 to 24 ounces and may not have a dropper since the dosage isn’t necessary with this kind of food supplement.

4. If in doubt, consult the vendor.

If you believe you’ve discovered a genuine bottle of CBD oil, contact the seller to double-check. You should inquire if the product includes CBD and, if so, how many milligrams. Inquire whether they employ a third-party lab to evaluate their goods (more on this later) and get a lab result. (This may seem to be a tall order, but it isn’t. Any respectable CBD producer would utilize third-party laboratories, and the safety certificate will be included on their website or in the product packaging.)

Is it legal to buy CBD oil online?

Because a retail behemoth like Amazon does not allow the selling of CBD oil, you may be wondering whether you can legally buy CBD online. You certainly can.

CBD oil (and any other CBD products derived from hemp) became legal across the United States in December 2018. The federal government removed CBD from the list of Schedule I prohibited drugs in the 2018 Farm Bill, and several states followed suit, amending their own drug laws to reschedule CBD.

Why Amazon hasn’t changed its rules to comply with federal law is a riddle that only they can solve. However, until they do, any company selling CBD oil on Amazon violates Amazon’s seller rules.

Fortunately, you may legally purchase CBD oil at a variety of different online stores. In fact, it’s frequently simpler to buy CBD oil online, directly from the manufacturer, since you can verify the product is genuine CBD.

Where Can I Purchase CBD Oil Online?

CBD is extremely popular right now, and for a good reason, but unfortunately, this means that there are many people out there trying to make money and taking advantage of the lack of regulation. That’s why so many hemp seed oils on Amazon are marketed as anxiety and pain remedies when they’re really simply a dietary supplement.

Because CBD is still an unregulated business, you will need to conduct some research regardless of where you purchase it. Buying directly from the manufacturer, on the other hand, requires considerably fewer hoops than purchasing through Amazon. Simply follow these three guidelines to determine the authenticity of any CBD business you are considering:

1. Look into third-party testing.

Any credible CBD producer will utilize third-party laboratories to evaluate the safety and quantity of CBD in their products. They will also make this information readily accessible to customers, either by posting the most recent safety certifications on their website or providing it with the product packaging.

2. Examine the ingredients.

True CBD oil products will explicitly state CBD quantity, in milligrams, on the bottle, and in the ingredient list. Some CBD products will include other chemicals in addition to CBD. Natural flavors, for example, may be included in CBD candy. Because CBD oil is intended to offer health advantages, reputable producers will go to great lengths to guarantee that its other components are pure and organic.

3. Confirm that they utilize hemp produced locally.

CBD oils should be derived from organic industrial hemp cultivated in the United States. Trusted producers will disclose the origin of their hemp on their website, and they will take pleasure in the fact that it is produced locally and is pesticide-free.

Should You Purchase CBD from Amazon?

The manufacturer’s website is the best location to purchase CBD oil online. This is the greatest method to verify that you are purchasing genuine CBD oil.

However, if you want to purchase CBD oil on Amazon, it is possible—through Amazon does not make it simple. To ensure you’re purchasing CBD oil on Amazon, search for a tiny bottle with a dropper, the words “hemp extract” on the label, and the number of milligrams of “hemp extract” or CBD it contains.

It’s hemp seed oil if it appears like a food supplement, comes in a bigger container, and doesn’t mention milligrams anywhere on the label.

For more information, you can also check the reviews or contact the vendor directly. However, keep in mind that since selling CBD oil is against Amazon’s rules, the manufacturer you purchase from today may not be available on Amazon the next time you shop.

Alternatively, you can save time and money by purchasing CBD oil directly from the manufacturer. This way, you know you’re getting genuine CBD oil (since they’re permitted to use the proper terminology on their website), and you’ll probably get a cheaper deal, too, because they don’t have to worry about Amazon seller fees.

CBDistillery, NuLeaf Naturals, Populum, FabCBD, Plus CBD Oil, Charlotte’s Web, cbdMD, Nature’s Script, and Rosebud CBD are the products we suggest. All of these companies get their CBD from locally produced hemp and are open to third-party testing.