CBD Biocare Evaluation

October 22, 2021


CBD Oil Review gives CBDBioCare a three-star rating because it meets or surpasses the Innovation, Quality, and Mission criteria.

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CBDBioCare: A 60-Second Overview

CBD BioCare’s hemp supplier goes to great lengths to ensure that the products they offer are of the highest quality, from their cruelty-free, innovative, and mission inspired by permaculture to the GMP to the recently updated third-party Analysis Certificates proving that the products they offer don’t contain common contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Apart from their MLM business, CBDBioCare appears to offer high-quality items that are easily accessible through their web store.

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The CBDBioCare Brand is under investigation

After experiencing the natural advantages of CBD for themselves and their loved ones, Stacey and Phillip Matthews launched CBDBioCare. CBDBioCare, an online sales and distribution platform, offers a wide choice of cannabidiol products as well as self-employment options, indicating that scientific/medical data strongly support any use of CBD for inflammation, anxiety, pain, and other ailments.

CBDBioCare uses organically produced hemp from the United States and uses the entire plant, including the flower, leaves, and stalks, in the formula. Brewers use supercritical CO2 extract and emphasize transparency, stating to conduct 3rd party tests all through the full plant-to-product procedure.

Despite the fact that the CBDBioCare website offers a list of current CoAs, a closer look exposes a number of issues. In every CoA they did in 2018, Evio Labs showed data for contaminants such as residual solvents and heavy metals. Encore Labs’ 2019 CoAs solely provide cannabis profiles and no pollution testing.

CBDBioCare has provided another six-month-old sample for contamination testing, albeit it appears that this was done in-house rather than by a third party.

Their CBDBioCare line of products is extensive without being overwhelming, meeting the basic needs of CBD users. CBDBioCare, All-Natural CBD BioSkinCare, CBD BioSkinCare, and CBD BioPetCare are the four lines. This collection has a number of high-quality items, but there are a few points on which we differ.

CBDBioCare, the company’s flagship product, is a broad spectrum CBD oil with hemp seed oil as a carrier. Its CBD tincture comes in two flavors: peppermint and original, the former of which is made entirely of organic peppermint oil and has no artificial flavoring.

Then there’s a CBD pain balm with emu oil that contains some of our favorite components. The third item is a pain-relieving topical roll-on gel that uses cryotherapy to create a cold sensation. Regrettably, it contains a skin-irritating chemical preservative called phenoxyethanol, which is believed that it shouldn’t be used in CBD products.


They reject the anti-aging elements contained in all four CBD topicals. The below chemical components are found in each CBD BioSkinCare lotion:

Polysorbate 20 (polysorbate) is a kind of polysorbate (P20)

  • A kind of phenol is phenoxyethanol.
  • Dimethicone is a silicone compound.
  • Stearic acid esters (PEG 100)

Look for polysorbate 20 and phenoxyethanol, which are the most harmful and irritating, in CBD topicals. We’ve been known to overlook a product if only one of them is used, but all four in all four products? There’s an excessive amount of it.

Organic CBDBioSkinCare

The particular category is unique in that it does not contain any of the potentially dangerous ingredients seen in the preceding product line! High-quality, all-natural ingredients are used to make a CBD ageless cream, CBD pain cream, and a face washing scrub. This begs the question, why was the first line offered in the first place? Chemical-based anti-aging products do not have to be the case.

CBD BioPetCare is a single-product brand that offers dogs high-quality full-spectrum oil.

Simple Fact:

CBDBioCare is praised for its ethical sourcing and extraction methods, as well as its philanthropic work and the high quality of some of its CBD products. Nonetheless, we’d like to see more complete CoAs before the Safety Badge is granted. We’d also like to see the potentially harmful ingredients in their CBD skincare line removed.

There are many CBD companies that claim to have the best CBD products. But CBD Biocare products have really taken the CBD industry by storm with their CBD capsules and CBD gummies for joint pain and so much more. They also have a direct sales affiliate program.

Quality has been confirmed

CBDBioCare uses whole-plant supercritical CO2 extraction to obtain full-spectrum CBD oil from organically grown plants in the United States. It does use a whole plant or parts of it but it is assured that only the best is used to create the products.

They have always made quality a priority and still kee working towards it in every way.

Validated mission

CBDBioCare promises high-quality products at a fair price in order to educate customers about the benefits of CBD and entice them to join their direct sales platform.

Genuinely innovative

CBDBioCare creates a full-spectrum CBD oil using cutting-edge supercritical CO2 extraction technology.

The CBDBioCare Brand’s Beginnings

Matthew Pitts discovered CBD lessened his friend’s agony and gave him an appetite when he met an old friend from his days in high school who was fighting cancer. It possessed a degree of efficacy that no other drug could match.

Years later, Matthew and Stacy Pitts established CBDBioCare in Florida to raise public awareness about the benefits of CBD and to eliminate the usage of hazardous pesticides. Matthew and Stacy wish to provide a variety of CBD-based items to the community, ranging from oil to cosmetics to pet products, in order to assist individuals in healing and maintaining their health.

The full-spectrum oil comes from legally licensed medical hemp suppliers and dealers in the United States and is obtained whole-plant from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Business is about more than profit for the Pitts: it’s about the mission. CBDBioCare supports a ministry in Nicaragua called Youth for Christ, in addition to their core mission of bringing the advantages of CBD to as many people as possible.

Through education, leadership development, and evangelism, the ministry preaches the gospel and aims to holistically develop young people.

CBDBioCare’s products are cultivated and manufactured entirely in the United States. CBDBioCare is a GMP-registered company, which ensures that products are regularly manufactured and controlled to fulfil quality standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). CBDBioCare uses a PETA-certified cruelty-free facility as well as third-party testing to ensure a safe and high-quality product.

When we examined CBDBioCare’s website, we saw that the company’s transparency provides customers with a clear description of what’s in the product they’re purchasing.

Business is about more than profit for the Pitts: it’s about the mission. CBDBioCare supports a ministry in Nicaragua called Youth for Christ, in addition to their core mission of bringing the advantages of CBD to as many people as possible.

Through education, leadership development, and evangelism, the ministry preaches the gospel and aims to holistically develop young people.

Commentary from the Editor

Remedy Review is always striving to make hemp-derived product reviews less subjective. As a result, we strive to measure quality, value, and transparency as much as possible.

We also understand the importance of hearing what genuine people have to say about a product before purchasing it. These Editor’s Notes are the opinions of our staff and are not intended to be brand endorsements or medical advice.

A trustworthy source

To assure exceptional quality, CBDBioCare oil is farmed and processed solely in the United States. CBDBioCare firms collaborate with scientists, developers, agronomists, and lab researchers, as well as forming institutional relationships.

They are the market leaders in terms of growing and extraction procedures, resulting in the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil on the market.


Original and peppermint tastes are available in their full-spectrum CBD oils. The original has a unique earthy flavor that may be off-putting to those who dislike hemp.

Shopping Adventures

CBDBioCare’s website was simple to navigate, and they did a good job of organizing their numerous products in a logical order. I was also able to hear what other consumers had to say about the products thanks to the review area.

Product Suppliers

CBDBioCare is known for its oils, capsules, gummies, and pet oils, but they’ve recently expanded their product line to include topicals such as lotions and moisturizers for those looking to incorporate CBD into their skincare routine.

Testing in the laboratory

CBDBioCare assures consistency in quality by evaluating extracts at each stage of the CBD manufacturing process. Each batch is tested for potency, contaminants, and quality at least three times, with Certificates of Analysis easily available online.


Offer a variety of flavors for those who don’t like hemp’s flavor.

Analytical Certificates (Certificates of Analysis)

Bottles come in a range of concentrations ranging from 500mg to 1,500mg.

Aspects that are unfavorable

Parts of the website are out of date, and the navigation is clumsy. You will get a little frustrated considering everyone wants an easy-to-use website and this is not the case here. You need to be patient when going through the website otherwise you will not be able to get through to finalizing your order.

They do need to work drastically on their website, if they don’t do so that could lead them to losing a lot more customers.

Last Thoughts

Many CBD firms advertise the pain, anxiety, and sleep benefits of their products, but they rarely go into detail regarding dose, how to use them, or the differences between them.

CBDBioCare invests significantly more in consumer education than the vast majority of companies. Users may learn more about CBD oil and CBD products generally, and also what CBDBioCare will have to offer, by visiting the website.

CBDBioCare is open and honest about everything they do, from their ingredients to their manufacturing process. We like their website since it provides us with useful information and is honest.