cbd oil and blood pressure medication

October 22, 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) is being used by an increasing number of Americans to treat a variety of issues ranging from stress and anxiety to inflammation and pain. However, with so many individuals using CBD oil, concerns about possible interactions with popular medicines, such as blood pressure meds, have arisen.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the use of CBD oil while taking blood pressure meds if you take blood pressure medication and just want to use it as an alternative or addition to your current treatment plan.

Interaction Between CBD Oil and Blood Pressure Medications

It’s impossible to speak in general terms about how CBD oil interacts with all of the medicines used to decrease blood pressure because there are so many. There are a few things to consider before using cannabidiol oil if you’re using one of the more common hypertension drugs (valsartan, metoprolol beta blocker, lisinopril, amlodipine besylate, or hydrochlorothiazide).

CBD oil is widely regarded as a safe and well-tolerated substance with few if any documented adverse effects. While no conclusive studies have been published, it has been speculated that CBD oil may impact the efficacy of blood pressure medications in the management of hypertension. Blood pressure medication, on the other hand, is thought to diminish the efficacy of CBD oil.

Furthermore, because cannabidiol inhibits the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system, CBD oil should be used with caution when paired with drugs that utilise this pathway, such as metoprolol and amlodipine besylate for high blood pressure.

The cytochrome P-450 system is made up of liver enzymes that break down drugs into smaller, easier-to-process molecules. This route is slowed by cannabidiol and other natural compounds like grapefruit. This may enable drugs that rely on the P-450 system, such as metoprolol and amlodipine besylate, to stay in your system for longer periods of time, increasing your chances of experiencing undesirable side effects.

CBD Oil with Blood Pressure Medication: Side Effects

Although negative interactions between CBD oil and blood pressure medications are uncommon, they should be used with caution and only under the supervision of a doctor. Blood pressure drugs may delay and/or limit the benefits of CBD oil in some circumstances. In some cases, CBD oil may cause your blood pressure medicine to be delayed or reduced in efficacy.

This chart lists a handful of the most prevalent blood pressure drugs, as well as the negative effects you can experience if you combine them with CBD oil.

Possible Negative Effects of Taking Medication and CBD Oil Together


When used with Valsartan, CBD oil may be digested more slowly.

Metoprolol is a drug that is used to treat high blood pressure (Lopressor; Toprol XL)

When Metoprolol is coupled with CBD oil, its antihypertensive effect may be reduced.

Lisinopril is a drug that is used to treat high blood pressure (Prinivil; Zestril)

When Lisinopril is taken with CBD oil, its antihypertensive effect may be reduced.

Besylate of amlodipine (Norvasc)

When used with Amlodipine besylate, CBD oil may be digested more slowly.

Hydrochlorothiazide is a kind of chlorothiazide that is used to (HCTZ)

When taken with CBD oil, the antihypertensive effect of hydrochlorothiazide may be reduced.

Another thing to keep in mind is that because CBD oil lowers blood pressure on its own, when it is used with medication that does the same thing, you essentially have two chemicals lowering your levels. You may feel sluggish and lethargic if your blood pressure is dropped too low in a short period of time. As a result, it’s critical to start with a low CBD dosage at first.

Keeping the Side Effects at Bay

Given the above potential adverse effects, you may be hesitant to take CBD oil while using blood pressure medication. On the other hand, CBD oil can be used on its own to help treat hypertension. CBD oil has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure via relieving anxiety, reducing tension, and expanding blood vessels, among other things.

The anti-anxiety and stress-relieving qualities of CBD oil promote a slower heart rate, which lowers blood pressure. The capacity of CBD oil to widen blood vessels allows for smoother blood flow in arteries with plaque build-up, reducing hypertension symptoms. In fact, a 2017 study found that a single dose of cannabidiol dramatically reduced test subjects’ blood pressure when they were both at rest and under stress.

“CBD may be used as a treatment for different cardiovascular illnesses, such as hypertension, myocardial infarction, and stroke,” according to a 2017 assessment of multiple studies on cannabidiol’s effect on blood flow. It’s worth noting that the majority of these findings came from animal studies, and further human clinical research is needed. Nonetheless, the results are encouraging.

How to Combine CBD Oil with Blood Pressure Medicine in a Safe Way

Whether you want to use CBD oil to augment your existing hypertension treatment or to fully replace your blood pressure medication, you should first consult your doctor. Because CBD oil may interfere with your existing blood pressure drugs, discussing the risks and benefits with your doctor is critical for your safety and health.

Because CBD oil may exacerbate the effects of the medications you’re taking, you’ll want to be careful with your dosage. CBD products typically include an information sheet with a recommended dosage, but you may wish to start with a lesser dose and gradually raise your intake as needed. This will allow your body to develop a tolerance to CBD oil and lower the chances of a blood pressure decline.

Check out our dosing guide for more information on how much CBD oil to take

As the CBD oil becomes more effective over time, you may discover that you can reduce the dosage of your blood pressure medicine. If you decide to do so, consult your doctor first before stopping or changing your prescription medicine. Any adjustments to your treatment plan should be made with the help and supervision of a medical expert.

Consider visiting with a naturopathic doctor that specializes in natural health treatments if you still need help or want more information on taking CBD oil as a medical supplement.

How to Use CBD Oil with Blood Pressure Medications

You must know what you’re looking for in order to find the greatest CBD oil product. How do you know where to begin with thousands of things accessible online and in stores?

To begin, look into the various CBD oil delivery forms to see which one best suits your needs and lifestyle. CBD oil drops, sweets, capsules, and vapes are just a handful of the more popular CBD products.

While most individuals who are new to CBD oil choose capsules and edibles because they are convenient and familiar, bear in mind that these will enter your body through your digestive system, losing some strength and taking longer to feel the effects. Meanwhile, inhalants or sublingual drops allow CBD oil to enter the bloodstream more quickly, resulting in faster and more effective outcomes. Experiment with several delivery ways to see which suits your needs and lifestyle the best.

Look for top-rated CBD oil products that are sustainably sourced, organically grown, and third-party lab tested to verify quality and purity after you’ve selected on your preferred delivery method. These procedures are the most effective approach to assure that your CBD oil product is free of dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals.