Sherlock Shaped Vape Pipes – Best Vape Pipes

October 22, 2021

Vape pipes were a logical next step from e-cigs and dry lotion vaporizers in 2020. E-cigs and vaporizers altered the way people consumed smoke and cannabis, and vape pipes are no different. 

Vape pipe mods took a easy, old-fashioned tool and gave it a battery with a glass/stainless steel e-liquid tank. Moreover, Pipe vape mods utilize e-liquid tanks and extend the same sub-ohm vaping experience vapers get from vape pens or vessel mods. 

They do all of this while still maintaining the texture and look of an aged wooden pipe, only today they’re wooden vape pipes. In addition to their newest features and attachments, the pipe mods on this list still keep old-school touches such as all-mahogany finishes, faux-wood bowls, and naturally, the tapered mouthpieces. 

All the Top Vape Pipes of 2021 

Each one the top vape pipes on this list feature refillable tanks, interchangeable coil atomizers, and tasteful design flourishes like gold trimming or cubic zirconia. Well, perhaps not all. One entry is a different take on the traditional vape pipe but doesn’t use coils, batteries. It also doesn’t vape: it smokes. 

1. The ePuffer E-Pipe 629X Starter Kit 


  • Elegant and beautifully fabricated 
  • Well-made from quality materials 
  • Great vapor production 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • The kit includes fully-loaded


  • Expensive 
  • The auto-air function doesn’t work All the time 

The ePuffer 629X electronic vape pipe is ePuffer’s latest model of e-pipe. The 629X keeps the best design features of previous ePuffer models, but these models add modern touches such as a solid wood bowl with a crystal Light-emitting diode. The pipe comes in a starter kit that fits in a deep mahogany box with a fantastic jewellery velvet lining inside. 

The starter kit within this vape pipe comes replete with five atomizers all ranked at 1.5ohms and made with Japanese organic cotton. There are also two rechargeable, 1100mAh batteries, and a charger. There’s an e-liquid tank which also acts as the stem of the tube. 

The e-liquid capacity in this vape pipe is 3.5ml, and it uses a 510-connection to attach to the bowl. The coils have been threaded as well, so vapers need only screw them into the base to put in them. The container is both glass and stainless steel and has great gold cut along its edges. 

2. E-Puffer Hybrid 609 E-Pipe 



  • Beautifully designed 
  • Well-made from quality materials 
  • Easy setup and operation 
  • Excellent vapor production 
  • reasonable prices 


  • No auto-air function 
  • Can leak sometimes 

The ePuffer Hybrid 609 vape pipe is among the best devices, which unites two types of atomizers within one device. The 609 features a solid wooden bowl, and this is also where users put in a single 18350 battery. The top of the bowl comes off to uncover the battery users and bay twist it back on, where it also becomes the power/firing button. The top of the battery cap clicks 5 times to trigger it.

The 609 vape pipe is not an auto-draw apparatus, as users need to press down on the button to make it fire. The 609 has a separate compartment to use with either their pre-filled cartomizers. 

Users could screw in a pre-filled cartomizer to the stem section. If they would love to vape their favored e-juice, they may use the tank that, regrettably, can be bought individually. The liquid tank “liquidizer” is a top-fill and has a 2ml capacity. 

The tank is self-contained and comes with a bottom coil which can last for about 900 puffs. It spins into the stem section with a bayonet fitting. The same holds for the mouthpiece, as it attaches with a quarter-twist. 

3. KamryTech E-Pipe Plus 



  • Simple, straightforward design 
  • Feels good in the hand 
  • Easy-to-use and function 
  • Outstanding vapor production 


  • A long charge time 
  • No MTL coils 

He Kamry E-Pipe Plus is a three-piece vape pipe drip batterytank and tank — to get vaping e-liquids. The device consists of an inner 1100mAh battery section covered in wood grain. The battery section within this vape pipe also comes with a micro-Universal Serial Bus outlet for charging and a fire button on the top of the bowl. 

The bowl (or battery section) uses a 510-connection to install the tank that additionally has a 510-threading. The tank that is principally glass/stainless steel may hold up to 3.5ml of e-liquid and uses a detachable coil. Users could install the coil by screwing it into the coil base. 

This vape pipe has a bottom-fill design, and it uses a detachable drip tip that’s press-fitted into the tank. The top section has an Light-emitting diode ring around the firing-button, which takes five clicks to activate the battery. 

4. Kamry K1000 E-Pipe Retro Pipe 



  • Well-designed 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Great vapor production 
  • Solid and durable finish 


  • The bowl section doesn’t have a pre-installed 510-connection

The Kamry K1000 e-pipe is the best vape pipe that takes a single 18350 battery. Like with most e-pipes, the bowl of the vape pipe also acts in the battery bay. It’s got a detachable top (that is also the firing button) that users need to take out to set up the battery. 

The K1000 vape pipe consists of 3 pieces such as the Kamry E-Pipe Plus. It’s got a battery/bowl section, which doesn’t have a 510 connection, connects to the 3.5ml tank. It is glass/stainless steel, although the rest of the pipe comes with an anodized aluminum shell. 

To install it, vapers first need to attach the special 510-connector to the base and after which attach it to the battery section. Due to this 510-connector, the K1000 vape pipe is suitable with a great deal of tanks, including the Nautilus. 

5. The Guru Pipe 



  • Lightweight, portable and compact 
  • Cools smoke down without water 
  • Works with dry herbs and concentrates (concentrates pad for sale separately) 
  • Smell-proof and convenient travel case for herb material 
  • Tight draw 


  • It is 100% combustion 

The Genius Pipe is distinctive among these other apparatus for not being electronic at all. The Genius Pipe utilizes combustion to smoke herbs, even concentrates. It includes two flat, anodized aluminum pieces which slide together, one at the top of the other. 

Both plates feature over 2,000 dimples on the bottom and top halves, correspondingly. These act as a waterless filtration system when smoking dry herbs or concentrates. The dimples produce air vortices that filter out wax, resin, and tar. There’s a small bowl where users could load their material towards the close of the plate. 

Users can slide the plate over the bowl, placing the opening (at the form of the Genius emblem) over it. They light up the bowl and inhale. When they’re done, they slip the good section within the bowl to extinguish the fire pit. The 3 bits are all anodized aluminum with magnetic connections to maintain them in position. 

Advantages/downsides of Vape Pipes 

Vape pipes act much like other e-cigarettes. Pipe mods may have a different shape than regular e-cigs. However they also use tanks (both pre-filled and refillable), e-juice, removable coils, and removable mouthpieces. 
Pipe-style vapes, though, differ from regular smoking pipes. Smoking pipes burn tobacco and inhaling the smoke causes severe health problems. Even the Genius Pipe, that promises a “cleaner, fitter” smoking experience with its distinctive filtration system, does not make smoking healthy. 
That said, there may still be individuals holding onto their traditional smoking pipes for whatever reason. So here are a few benefits and drawbacks to utilizing a vape pipe on a regular tobacco or cannabis pipe. 

Benefits of E-Pipes 

No Tobacco 

E-pipes, such as e-cigs, vape e-liquid containing liquid smoking, or not — there are no-nicotine e-juices. They don’t have tobacco or burn any material, consequently no smoke is created. The e-liquid utilized at a vape pipe contains the very same ingredients as any other vaping liquid such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol, along with different flavorings. Whilst the vapor that comes from e-pipes is not smoke, people should not believe that it’s 100% secure. 

Less maintenance 

Smoking pipes get dirty, whether or not it’s a tobacco or cannabis pipe. The Genius Pipe, for instance, requires regular cleaning to work correctly. The genuine vape pipes on this page don’t require that type of upkeep. Except for occasionally cleaning from the e-liquid tank or removing and disposing of a coil, these other devices are virtually maintenance-free. 

Cleaner and Less Odor

Smoking generates ash, also with tobacco or marijuana pipes, even the ash is ever-present. The bowl has to be cleaned on a regular basis, which causes a wreck, let alone the odor made by a combustion pipe is about as bad as a burning cigarette. 

Downsides of E-Pipes 


A tobacco or marijuana pipe can be bad for your health, but they’re comparatively inexpensive, especially in comparison to the amount of pipe vape mods. With a tobacco or marijuana pipe, the price includes the pipe itself and loose-leaf tobacco or cannabis. Vape pipe mods have more parts — like coils, mouthpieces — that could break or need replacing, things which routine plumbing don’t have. 


Smokers need only pack their bowl with tobacco or cannabis, light it, and inhale. E-pipes require a little more work. Vapers need to fill their tanks, charge and recharge the batteries, remove and replace old coils, as well as cleaning whenever needed. Tobacco and bud pipes also require cleaning of course, but that’s it. 

Not a stop-smoking tool 

While vaping is an alternative to smoking, no one should believe that e-pipes or some other vaping device is a useful quit-smoking tool. There is no signs that vaping might help individuals stop smoking, and no one should think they may aid with tobacco cessation. If individuals are looking to stop smoking, they should first speak with a medical professional or make use of among the many FDA-approved tobacco cessation tools. 

Picking the Best E-Pipe 

There is a lot to contemplate when deciding on a vape pipe. People must take into account things such as!

  • Vaping Design = mouth-to-lung vs. direct-lung (sub-ohm) 
  • Performance = low-wattage (flavour production) vs. high-wattage (cloud production) 
  • Exterior Design = contemporary (e-pipe vape) vs. traditional (Sherlock vape pipe) 
  • Ease-of-use = automatic (no buttons) vs. manual (buttons) 
  • Battery type/life = detachable vs. built-in 
  • Price = affordable vs. luxury 

The devices noted above feature all, or some, of these attributes, that makes it hard to select the best one. The two ePuffer devices, for instance, highlight both the most modern and the most classic capabilities. They’ve detachable batteries, refillable tanks, and pre-filled cartomizers, plus they’ve power buttons. 
They also have traditional exterior designs, also all-wood builds that recall old-fashioned, tobacco pipes. 

Each one of these conventional elements along with high-technology touches like sub-ohm coil atomizers and stainless steel fittings also make the ePuffer devices the most expensive. The two wooden vape pipe models from ePuffer are more expensive than the Kamry devices or the Genius Pipe. 

The Kamry devices, and on the other hand, represent a break with the past with their all-metal exteriors, high-capacity batteries, and double-digit power sockets. These devices are also versatile, as they utilize 510-connectors so vapers can attach different tanks and utilize many varieties of coil atomizer. 

How Does a Pipe Vape Mod Work 

E-pipes function much in the exact same way other vaping devices work. Excluding the Genius Pipe, that’s a smoking pipe, all the devices here work very much in the exact same way. 

  • A battery (removable or internal ) powers a heating element located in a tank or pre-filled cartridge 
  • this vaporizes e-liquid, producing an inhalable aerosol. 

The ePuffer 629X vape pipe is a illustrative example. The kit comes fully charged, including battery charger. Users must first charge and install their battery in the battery bay, then close the top cover that’s also the power/firing button. Then, users must fill their tank and attach it to the battery section through the 510 connection. The other models here also have 510 connections, which suggests they may be used with different kinds of tanks. Once connected, users must activate the vaping tube and start vaping. The process is the same, less or more, for the Kamry devices, save the Kamry K1000 Plus which has an internal battery and charges using a micro Universal Serial Bus socket on the bowl section of the tube. 

Although not featured on this list, many emails pipe models are all-in one, which suggests they’ve their fundamental components built into the device.

How Much to Spend on a Vape Tube

 The range of prices for the vape pipes recorded here runs from $20 to $200. There are a whole lot of devices in between these two ends and vapers should be aware that getting a decent electronic pipe shouldn’t cost a good deal. The cheaper price options are by no way poor. The Kamry devices both have durable, well-made assembles, plus they function as well as any high-priced model. 

Obviously, The ePuffer models are meant for vapers with the means to splurge on such a select product. The 629X and 609 are luxury products, but the other electronic pipes are stripped down, no frills items that may still produce exceptional vapor. Vapers can decide for themselves which of the 2 styles they favor and get what they need for the best price.

Final word in E Pipes

E pipes appeal to a specific type of smoker or vaper however, at the exact same time, they’ve broad appeal. Normal tobacco or cannabis pipes are all distinctive items in and of themselves, because only a few men and women use them. 

It’s these same people – who enjoy employing combustion pipes – which should be the ones intrigued in the electronic versions. Therefore, long time vapers who want to add a distinctive vape pipe in their collection – one that doesn’t resemble a standard e cig or mod – may also get vape pipe mod. They function in the exact same manner as other electronic cigs and box mods, with their batteries, rechargeable tanks and replaceable coils.

Most crucial, they’re also quite good at creating the best high quality vapor.